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Sitting just below the horn of Africa, Kenya is the largest exporter of flowers to the European

Over the last years, the Kenyan flower industry has grown rapidly. It currently is the country’s top industry after remittance, tourism and tea,

Kenya’s cut flower industry has grown

Currently, the Kenya cut flower industry employs 200,000 people directly and had over 1 million people supplying the industry, explains Tulezi, who is very pleased with the growth over the few last years. “When comparing the situation with 5 years ago, the industry has improved significantly in all aspects; it has become more organized and we’ve strengthened our systems on how the growers produce their products in terms of sustainability and the working conditions of the workers.

Kenyan Flowers: A growing Market

Today there are about 220 flower farms in Kenya, about 70 of them are located near Lake Naivasha. Flowers have become an important economic sector and, along with tea, one of the country’s key exports. After the Netherlands, Colombia and Ecuador, Kenya is the fourth largest exporter of flowers in the world: every third flower sold in Germany comes from this East African country.

The most famous farms in Kenya

AAARoses / CENACLE / Credible blooms / Ever flora / Flora delight
Mologreens / Penta Flowers / Porini / Tambuzi /Zee flora
subati flowers / PJ Dave  / Mount Kenya Alstroemeria /
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